Advantages of lost foam casting

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The lost foam coating forging produces high manganese steel castings, which fully embody the advantages of this process and solve problems that are difficult to solve by other casting methods.

1. The process design of lost foam castings does not require tilting and parting surfaces, and the castings have high dimensional accuracy. The surface finish resulting from the coating can reach the level of metal die casting. The castings can be put into the mold at will, the gating system is flexible, the sprue and sprue layout is convenient, and there is negative pressure suction, which is conducive to the shrinkage of the castings and can reduce or eliminate the internal shrinkage and looseness of the castings.

2. High-manganese steel wear-resistant castings have a low production cost and a short production cycle, and no wooden molds are used for single-piece or small-batch production. A large number of liner and jaw castings produced are difficult to process and are usually directly used as blanks, requiring accurate casting specifications. It is especially suitable for the negative pressure compact casting process for lost foam castings. Because the keyhole spacing is strict, small holes and small grooves must be forged, and the negative pressure compact casting process is very suitable.

3. The most common defects of lost-wax high-manganese steel castings are wrinkles, residues, and pores. Only by taking corresponding measures according to the shape, molding sand, coating, pouring temperature, and pouring system can the above welding defects be overcome and a good casting be obtained. The foam coating will fall off in flakes when dry, and the thicker the paint, the easier it will fall off when wet.

One layer seldom falls off, and the second or third layer falls off more. Obviously, because the gravity of the coating itself exceeds the adhesion with the white mold, the white mold falls off, and the place where the white mold falls off is the downward part of the plane, not the upper coating. In such cases, corrections will be made. The following is a brief introduction to how to alleviate the peeling problem of lost foam casting technology. After the EPC coating is dry, it is impregnated again, and one layer is dried to avoid penetration into the "slurry." Do not soak for too long in the slurry tank. The first layer is fully moistened, fully rubbed, and soaked quickly for a long time, but the second and third layers are different, the mortar will soak evenly, and the adjustment pool should be raised as soon as possible.

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