How much do you know about the dangers of indiscriminately using nail lamps, nail glue, and nail polish?

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People's expectations for quality of life are increasing as their material standard improves. Girls who love beauty have an endless supply of "tricks" to use on themselves, such as yoga, makeup, manicure, and so on. Take manicure as an example: every girl wants to be the center of attention when she stretches out her hand, but some do and some do not, and blind manicure not only fails to achieve a great manicure effect, but can also be harmful to your own body.

Unscientific nail art consists primarily of the following elements:

(1) The use of nail lights. There are two types of nail lights on the market: cordless curing lamp and UV nail lights. LED nail lights are currently safer nail lights, and the visible light emitted does not harm the human body in general. UV nail lamps are not always necessary. The ultraviolet band used by UV nail lamps, according to the official statement, is extremely harmful to the human body. It takes approximately 100 years of continuous irradiation to affect human cells. From this vantage point, it is indeed safe. Looking at it another way, fire is an essential good for human life, and forests are also a purifier of nature, but the combination of the two is disaster and pollution, so focus on the second point.

(2) The use of nail polish and nail glue, general nail glue will have a strong pungent smell, part of which is the smell of alcohol, because alcohol is volatile, can reduce the drying time of nail glue, and there are many other pigments and chemicals, and there are many other pigments and chemicals Substances are colorful, and their components are relatively complex, some of which are weakly toxic and will not harm the nail surface, but long-term use will still harm the body, and when combined with the minor damage caused by the above UV nail lamp, the consequences are not serious. However, it has some effect on the body. If you are not a manicure expert, you may come across fake and shoddy products, and while you are satisfied with your manicure results, your body may be deteriorating.

Non-scientific manicure causes the following problems: 

(1) Nail damage

The nail has a protective layer on it. Long-term use of nail polish destroys this protective layer, causing the nail to become discolored or fragile, and it is easy for fungus to infect and cause onychomycosis. Furthermore, nail polish contains chemical components, and long-term use, even of relatively high-quality nail polish, can be harmful.

Many nail polishes are of poor quality. When such nail polish is applied to the skin around the nails, it causes harmful substances to corrode, infects the skin with sudden changes, and is easily infected with diseases such as tinea manuum, paronychia, and onychomycosis.There are some unscrupulous merchants who will put inferior manicure agents in more expensive solvent bottles and dilute the clumped nail polish that has been placed for a long time. This will degrade the quality of the nail polish and result in serious damage.

(2) Cancer-causing

The reason that nail polish is bright and colorful is that it contains a large number of chemical components that can change the color of nail polish while also ensuring that the nail polish does not fall off over time. However, experts point out that many of these synthetic pigments are toxic, and some even contain heavy metal elements. They may cause severe harm to the human body if used for an extended period of time and absorbed by the human body. 

According to the most recent research, nail polish contains a Sudan red component that is highly toxic. If used for an extended period of time, it will cause a gradual accumulation of toxins in the human body, increasing the risk of poisoning and cancer.

As a result, when purchasing nail art materials such as cordless curing lamp, nail glue, and nail polish, we must choose reputable manufacturers and use them scientifically. If you have children or are pregnant, avoid using these products. Health and beauty can coexist with scientific manicure.

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