Growth of Silica Sol Investment Casting Industry

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As the leader of the global casting industry and the representative of the high-tech industry, Silica Sol Investment Casting must play its leading and exemplary role, but the prerequisite for precision casting to play these two functions is its own strength, so precision casting should be given priority to develop and grow.

First, in terms of improvement methods, change from work and network resource-intensive to technical external economies of scale, from extensive environmental pollution to green and intensive. The proportion of high-quality materials has increased rapidly, and the productivity and economic benefits of all precision casting factories have continued to rise; air pollution has been effectively curbed.

Second, produce some product research and development and teaching training centers with a reasonable structure and high overall level combining production, education, and research, which can continue to transport professional talents to the company, continue to develop high-quality, high-end casting materials and excellent varieties, and achieve accurate casting materials. The increasing need, at the same time, the acceptance of lost foam castings further increase the range of technical access.

Third, it is necessary to carry out industrial transformation and upgrading, replace a group of small and medium-sized precision casting factories with low technical strength, poor product quality, serious environmental pollution, and poor economic returns, and produce relatively dense big-name star companies to complete the "systematization" , Industrialization" manufacturing. In particular, it is necessary to continuously develop leading companies that can compete with large global companies. They have high professional capabilities, complete processing technology, strong strength, and good management capabilities. They can continue to provide high-end, high-quality casting materials to the industry market and gain market share. high. If the field of precision casting can achieve the above development plan and develop itself, then the field of silica sol Investment casting will definitely be able to play its pioneering role in the casting industry.

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